Things I should have known in my 20s

Things I should have known in my 20s

20s are the best time of everyone's life or at least it is the time period which everyone will remember in their 40s. Currently I am in my 30s and already started remembering my old days. In this article I have tried to reflect upon the things which I should have learnt in my 20s. Hope you will also find these learning useful in your life journey.

Health is wealth

Health must be a top priority for everyone. Indian sages have said this things long time ago (पहला सुख निरोगी काया - Fit Body), but it took me this long to understand this simple fact. Both Physical and mental health is important - Regular exercise , meditation , healthy food helps you to be fit.


Time is everything - Even more than money

I have wasted lot of time during my 20's , now if I could I could go back in time , I would spent that time pushing myself to learn , to grow as person , to spend quality time with friends ,starting a business.


Read as much as you could

Books are real treasure trove of data and new knowledge. Besides other proven scientific benefits of reading books , reading makes you smart , calm and appealing. Invest your time and money buying and reading books.

I started my reading journey with Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book is changing my life.


Consistency is the key

I have started many things like learning new technology , going to gym, reading books but did not complete all these things with consistency. Now I realize that what I would have achieved if I committed myself to the task which I have started. Leadership expert John Maxwell says, Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.


There is not such thing as perfection

From the first day we step into this world , we are inspired to chase the perfection. chase for perfect career , chase for perfect life-partner , chase for perfect design of software.

Now I realize that perfection is a relative term and chasing it is never ending. Instead of chasing perfection , Now I strive for continuous improvement and excellency.


Failure is not opposite of success

Often we think that failure is not achieving the desired outcome , but we must learn that failure is part of success , not opposite of it.

Failure pushes us to come out of comfort zone, apart from this , failure is better than regretting !


Taking risk is important

We learn from risks - and those lessons may lead us to new path in life. I have realized that playing safe won't give you any success , in short , success will not fall in your leap - you have to pursue it.


Readers , In my view , all above learning still holds true when I am in 30's.

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