We all often face tough situation during our journey of life, something unexpected happens or we have received negative feedback or things are not going as per our desire. Many of us collapses under the stress and worry of tough going situations but few of us are lucky who handles tough situations very well, they bounce back and keep rocking in their life. So what these people have in them which helps them perform better even in adverse situations ?

It is resilience which helps them not fold under pressure even if they don’t feel calm and confident.

Quality of resilient person:

  1. Positive outlook towards every situation: A resilient person is able to find out something positive even in unfavorable or tough situation.
  2. Empathy: Resilient person have ability to sense other person’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling.
  3. Emotionally intelligent: resilient people have sense of self control, They believe that the action they take will affect the outcome of an event.
  4. Realistic: They don’t deny certain aspects of reality that are inevitable, they are hopeful still realistic.

Although resilience sounds like an innate skill, but this is not true. With proper tools and training , one can learn how to be resilient. Some of the points listed below can be practiced to raise the resilience threshold –

  • Overcome fear of rejection: Instead of thinking about the negativity of rejection, prepare yourself for asking for help. Keep your internal dialog positive while managing your verbal response to rejection.
  • Learn something new: Learning something new will give you an opportunity to stretch out of comfort zone and creates new brain paths.
  • Face uncomfortable situations: Facing challenging situations helps you get comfortable with uncomfortable.
  • Manage your energy: Identify the flow of the energy within yourself and handle tough tasks when you are full with energy. Keep yourself healthy and fit.
  • Practice positive thinking

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